All homeowners are to contact your President or Point of Contact (POC) representative should there be a problem or question regarding the landscaping .  FirstService Residential will NOT take any calls from homeowners regarding landscape issues.  The Landscape contract states that no resident, President or POC of any Association shall interfere with the daily work force of Landscape Contractors.  Your interference delays the contracted landscaping work and may also pose safety hazards for crews using mowers and power tools.

Landscape Work Orders should be submitted to: This email is for President’s and POC’s Only!

Work Order Request Template ( Fillable) Updated 07/02/19

Work Order Flow Chart   Updated 05/24/19

Irrigation Work Orders are submitted through the Master Association’s work order system “UpKeep”, Please click on the Master Association tab for more information.

The Point Of Contact (POC) Information Packet (Information is Being Updated)  Updated 04/28/18

Tree Removal Permit

Landscape Work Schedules: The landscaping schedules are tentative due to weather conditions. Some areas of mowing, detailing or pruning may be affected by these conditions. If your Association is missed due to weather conditions every effort will be made to complete the task by the end of the same or following week. Your patience is greatly appreciated, if you have any questions, please call your President or POC. Updated 4/2/18

Section 1 – Brightview; All Andovers, All Bedfords, All Cambridge’s, Canton Court D, All Dorchesters, All Fairfields, All Gloucesters and All Knolls

September Property Maintenance Schedule  Updated 09/03/19

September Property Prune Schedule Updated  09/03/19

Section 2 – Down to Earth; All Highgates, Idlewood, All Lancasters and Quail Pass

September Property Maintenance Schedule  Updated 09/05/19

September Property Prune Schedule     Updated 09/05/19

Section 3 – Russell; Princeton, All Manchesters, All Nantuckets, Oxford I & II, Radison I & II, Southampton I & II, Tremont I & II and Villeroy

September Property Maintenance Detail Schedule Updated 07/29/19

September Property Prune Detail Schedule Updated 07/29/19

October Property Maintenance Schedule    Updated 09/03/19

October Property Prune Detail Schedule     Updated 09/03/19

Section 4 – Down To Earth ; Acadia I & II, Brookfield, Corinth, Devonshire, Edinburgh, Fairbourne, Grantham, Huntington, Inverness, Jameson, Kensington, Lyndhurst, Maplewood, Oakley Green, Portsmith, Richmond Villas, Somerset, Worthington and Yorkshire

September Property Maintenance Schedule Updated 09/05/19

September Property Prune Schedule   Updated 09/05/19

Mulch Delivery/Staging and Installation Schedule

Mulch 2019 Delivery/Staging and Installations Schedule Updated 09/09/19

Palm/Tree Pruning Schedule- Grow Inc

Palm Pruning Schedule September- October 2019 Posted 09/18/19

Revised Schedule for Oak Tree Section III and IV– Posted 06/17/19

OLM INSPECTIONS – Per Page 14 of the Landscape Contract paragraph C. Due to the increased work required of the Consultant and the retainage option in the Contract, it is necessary to permit the efficient inspection of properties for purposes of grading and payment.  Only the Consultant, Federation and Contractor will be present for the monthly inspections.   Updated 04/12/18

Results for August 26, 27 and 28, 2019  can be found by clicking on the Section Link below.

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4
President’s and POCs wishing to receive a copy of a report from a past Inspection for your Association, please call (813) 634-5191 or email, include; your name, address and your Associations Name in your request. Thank You.