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Greater Sun City Center Chinese Drywall Coordinating Group
Obtaining a Passport in South Shore Office (from SCC Observer)
CERT Training Information
Feline Folks information – Dedicated to Humane Feline (feral cat) Management. See more Information.
Greater Sun City Center Golf Cart Drivers Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Preparedness
National Hurricane Center
Florida Division of Emergency Management
SCC Emergency and Disaster Information

Other Kings Point Websites
KingsPoint Sun City Center
Falcon Watch Golf Association
Kings Point Golf Association
Kings Point Golf Cart Sub-Committee

Sun City Center Websites
Emergency Squad website
The Computer Club
Sun City Center Community Association
Hillsborough County Library – SCC Location
(SouthShore Regional Branch off of 19th Ave NE)

County & State
Hillsborough County
My Florida (The official portal for the State of Florida)Miscellaneous
– US Government Related:
º Medicare
º Social Security Administration
º Department of Veterans Affairs– Sun City Center News Related:
º Observer News
º Tampa Tribune – Southshore
º Tampa Bay Times – Southshore
º The News of Kings Point
º The Savvy Senior– Other Sites of Interest:
º National Do Not Call Registry

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