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The general purpose of the Master Association is to provide supervision, management, and determination as to the care and maintenance of roads, traffic control, landscaping within the roadway rights-of-way and other Master Association property, drainage systems, and irrigation systems (including all wells, pumps, pipes, and other facilities or equipment thereof) located throughout the Kings Point Project, as well as other matters determined to be in the best interest of the Master Association by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Address:   1902 Clubhouse Drive, Suite A, Sun City Center, FL 33573
Office Phone:       (813) 331-3107    

Hours:  8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Questions regarding the Master Association should be sent to:

Dana Lin Phillips,CAM – 813-633-6291 (Cell) 813-390-9298 Email: Dana.Phillips@fsresidential 

Pam Torpey, CAM, 813-633-6291 Email:


2017-2018 Board of Directors

Title Name Term Expires
President Steven Maguire 2020
Vice President Robert Mason 2020
Secretary/Treasurer Jane Boccieri 2019
Director Vacant 2018
Director Forrest Davis 2018






Board Member Contact Information – Updated 01/08/18

Members’ Representation: Member Association Presidents are the designated representatives for their own associations at any Master Association meeting.   A President may designate any other officers from his/her own Board of Directors to represent his/her Member Association at Master Association meetings. Print the Designated Representative(s) Form Rev 2-8-16 and return the completed form to the Master Association office, as directed. Remember to update this form should your officers change during the year.

Upcoming Meetings:

February 14th 2018 Membership Briefing, 9:30 AM, Card Room, North Club House

February 14th 2018 Regular Board Meeting, 10:30 AM., Card Room, North Club House.  Agenda Click Here!


  1. Budget 2018-19 – Approved
  2. FUNDING PLAN for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2018 – Approved
  3. FYE 03-31-17 AUDIT Posted 10/16/17

Reports & Other Information:

  1. November 15, 2017 Presentation on the Master Association Irrigation – Click Here!  Posted November 15, 2017
  2. SWFWMD Water Use Permit Presentation 02/28/17 – In 2017, Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) required Sun City Center West Master Association to obtain its own Water Use Permit (WUP), thereby separating its irrigation usage from ClubLink’s golf course’s permit. The current WUP only affects Associations which share irrigation supplied by the Upper Loop and Lower Loop wells (Andover’s, Bedford’s, Cambridge’s, Dorchester’s, Fairfield’s, Gloucester’s, Highgate’s, Idlewood, Knoll’s, Lancaster’s and Quail Pass).  The Master Association is responsible for complying with the restrictions imposed by SWFWMD.  The new irrigation and pump controls along with Water Management software allows the Master Association to monitor all operations of the irrigation systems and to supply an allotment of water, based on irrigated acres per each Association.  Each Association is responsible for repairing its own irrigation layout so that water is effectively applied, not wasted.  Posted 03/01/17
    1. Proposed Irrigation Upgrades Master Membership Briefing Report 03-18-2016 Posted 04/11/16
    2. Kings Point Irrigation Modernization Project – Preliminary Posted 05/12/16
    3. Master Membership Briefing Report 02-28-2017 Posted 03/28/17
  3. Map of Closed/Leased Golf Courses  Updated 08/28/17
    1. Rules of Entry Posted 03/21/2017
    2. “Application for Land Use” Posted 02/10/17
  4. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 4/11/2013
  5. Master Association Deeded Property Listing (updated 2012)
  6. List of Member Associations – Updated 1/25/16

Association Documents:

  1. Amendment to Articles of Incorporation Article VI Section 2. (Recorded 09-25-2015)
  2. Second Amended and Restated Bylaws (Recorded 08-12-2015)
  3. Amendment to Articles of Incorporation (Recorded 01-30-2014)
  4. Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation (Recorded 06-28-2010)

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Draft – Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 15, 2017 (Business)
  2. Draft – Membership Annual Meeting Minutes November 15, 2017 (Business)
  3. Draft – Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 9, 2017 (Budget Approval & Other Business)
  4. Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 15, 2017 (Business)
  5. Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 30 2017 (Business)
  6. Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 18, 2017 (Business)
  7. Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 21, 2017 (Business)
  8. Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes December 5, 2016 (Business)
  9. Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 16, 2016 (Organizational)
  10. Draft – Annual Membership and Election Minutes November 16, 2016 with Reports

Traffic Control: 

  1. Traffic Jurisdiction Agreement
  2. List of Fines

Kings Point Lakes:

  1. Rules for Recreational Use of Kings Point Lakes (approved 5/4/2012)
  2. Map of Kings Point Lakes and Sun City Center ClubLink and Master Association Lakes
  3. Map of Kings Point Lakes – Legend of Lake locations

Kings Point Vehicle Storage Club, Inc.:  The Master Association has executed a License with the Kings Point Vehicle Storage Club to use property owned by the Master Association (located at 445 Kings Blvd.) for the purpose of renting space to residents to store RV’s, vehicles, boats, and trailers.  The Vehicle Storage Club is incorporated, pays for all upkeep of the parking area, and carries its own Liability insurance policy.  The current Yardmaster is Randy Heath.  Call (813) 938-0455 or send inquiries to

  1. Quit Claim Deed to SCCWMA for RV Storage Area
  2. Articles Of Incorporation & Bylaws
  3. License for Property Use Agreement with Master Association
  4. KPVSC Waiting List Application
  5. Rules & Information For Vehicle Storage membership
  6. Parking Lot Layout 6-20-14

Kings Point Garden Club:  The Garden Club incorporated on July 28, 2016 and conducts gardening activities within a fenced area of Master Association land located at 2602 Kings Green Drive (a/k/a the “Garden Center”), in the southwest quadrant of Kings Point.  The Garden Club carries its own insurance coverage and its activities are self-supported by its membership fees.  Club information and meeting dates are posted on the bulletin board within the Garden Center.   Documents of interest:

  1. KINGS POINT GARDEN CLUB BYLAWS (as amended 1-28-16) 

Kings Point Archery Club Inc.: The Archery Club incorporated on August 18, 2016 and conducts archery activities upon a parcel of Master Association land located between two lakes in the southwest quadrant of Kings Point, south of the Garden Center.  The Archery Club carries its own insurance coverage through the NFAA (National Field Archery Association).  The Archery Club activities are self-supported by its membership fees.  Access to the Archery Range is by golf cart along an unpaved path along the east side of the Garden Center’s perimeter fence.  Each Archery Member must execute a Waiver prior to using the Archery Range.  Guests may participate at the range ONLY by invitation of an Archery Member host and each Guest must execute an Invitee Waiver. Firearms practice IS NOT ALLOWED at the Archery Range.  E-mail or go to the Club’s website at for further information.