The purpose of the Executive Committee shall be to consult and advise the Facilities Management Company concerning the operation of the Recreational Facilities held in trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Kings Point Sun City Center West Land Trust LLC, the operation of miscellaneous property owned by Kings Point West, LLC and the operation of transportation and security services.  For additional information and the structure of the committee please click on Appendix A.

Members and Term Rotation Plan:

Federation Board President (or designee); Federation Treasurer (or designee); Five (5) unit owner-resident positions with each serving a two (2) year staggered term.  Unit owner-residents will be recruited from each of five (5) Regions across the Kings Point Community:

Region I: Andover (All), Bedford (all), Cambridge (all), Dorchester (all), Fairfield (all) Gloucester (all) and The Knolls (all).

Region II: Highgate (all), Idlewood and Lancaster (all)

Region III: Manchester (all), Oxford (both), Princeton, Quail Pass, Southampton (both),Tremont (both) and Villeroy.

Region IV: Acadia (both), Brookfield, Corinth, Devonshire, Nantucket (all), Radison (both), Worthington and Yorkshire

Region V: Edinburg, Fairbourne, Grantham, Huntington, Inverness, Jameson, Kensington, Lyndhurst, Maplewood, Oakley Green, Portsmith, Richmond and Somerset.

RFEC Members:
Chair Liz Argott, Federation President and Bill Piper, Federation Treasurer


Region Unit Owner-Resident Members Term Expires
 I Terry Blankenship 2018
 II Roger Johnson 2018
 III Ruth Flinn 2019
 IV Peggy Hamric 2019
V Alan Hahn 2019


RFEC Meetings: All Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:30 am in the KPNCH Card Room.    

Please Click Here! for the 2017/2018 Schedule. Posted 04/20/17   The  RFEC Meeting Scheduled for December 20th has been canceled.  The Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Agendas and Minutes: 

 Date Day Agenda Minutes
11-15-17 Wednesday Agenda
10-18-17 Wednesday Agenda Approved
09-27-17 Wednesday Agenda Approved
08-16-17 Wednesday Agenda Approved
07-19-17 Wednesday Agenda Approved
06-21-17 Wednesday Agenda Approved
05-17-17   No Meeting  
04-19-17 Wednesday Agenda Approved
03-15-17 Wednesday Agenda Approved